Difference between terminal services and remote desktop - Networking

Difference between terminal services and remote desktop.

Terminal service is a client-server environment. In this environment, one computer acts as a server which receives requests from the clients. The servers can serve in two modes – Application Server mode and Remote Administration mode. The applications on the server are accessed by the former and the later is utilized for remote administration.

Remote desktop simulates the terminal services of Remote Administration Mode. The difference is there is no client-server environment. Remote desktop is simply used for the purpose of sharing one computer’s desktop in a network.
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Terminal Service & Remote desktops are model whereas terminal services acts as a server i.e, one computer is the server and another is the client. TS used for access application data that stored in client pc .But Remote Desktop provide desktop background . both pc in RDS are client.
Bikash Biswal 02-2-2013