Different types of VPN

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Networking - Explain the different types of VPN - Remote Access VPNs, Intranet VPNs and Intranet VPNs - Jan 30, 2010 at 18:00 pm by Vidya Sagar

Explain the different types of VPN - Remote Access VPNs, Intranet VPNs and Intranet VPNs. 

Remote Access VPN: Only single VPN gateway is involved in Remote Access VPN. The negotiating the secure communication channel party with the VPN is PC or laptops, which is connected to the internet and running VPN client software. The VPN supports allowing telecommuters and traveling users to communicate on the central network. It also allows the accessibility of servers from different locations.

Site-to-Site Intranet VPN: Gateways at different physical locations within the same business are allowed to negotiate a communication that is secure over a channel across internet is known as a VPN channel. This is done by Intranet VPN. The users from either side of the tunnel can communicate with one another as if it were a single network. Strong encryption and strict performance and bandwidth may be required to establish the communication.

Site-to-Site Extranet VPN: These are almost identical to Site-to-Site Intranet VPN. The only difference is they are utilized for external business partners. In conjunction with VPN tunnels, Firewall access restrictions are used so that the business partners can only be able to gain secure access to specific data/resources, while not be able to gain access to the information that is private to the corporate. 

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