Concept of Voluntary and Compulsory Tunnels - Networking

Explain the concept of Voluntary and Compulsory Tunnels.

Voluntary Tunnel: The user creates a voluntary tunnel model. This model is typically uses a L2TP enabled client. An L2TP packet is sent by user to the Internet Service Provider which will in turn forward them on to LNS. The support of L2TP support is not needed by ISP. The L2TP tunnel initiator resides on the same system effectively playing as a remote client.

Compulsory Tunnel: The tunnel creation in compulsory tunnel, no action from the user and without allowing the user any choice is performed. Internet service provider access concentrator receives a point-to-point protocol packets from the user. The encapsulation of packets in L2TP and sending them through a tunnel to the L2TP network server is performed by the ISP. It is mandatory that the ISP is L2TP-capable.
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