Concepts and capabilities of OLAP - Data warehousing

Explain the concepts and capabilities of OLAP.

Online analytical processing performs analysis of business data and provides the ability to perform complex calculations on usually low volumes of data. OLAP helps the user gain an insight on the data coming from different sources (multi dimensional). OLAP helps in Budgeting, Forecasting, Financial Reporting, Analysis etc. It helps analysts getting a detailed insight of data which helps them for a better decision making.

Explain the concepts and capabilities of OLAP.

Online Analytical Processing is a powerful and popular data analytical method. Complex data structures are explored and provide the necessary information.

Multidimensional: OLAP provides services in a wide variety of possible views, which are multidimensional conceptual view of data by supporting multiple hierarchies or dimensional aggregation path are provided.

Easy to understand: The data designed for OLAP analysis will be handled by any business logic and statistical analysis which is relevant to the developer and / application user. Simultaneously, for the target user, it makes easy enough.

Interactive: OLAP supports the business information through comparative data to the user. Users are encouraged for defining new ad hoc calculations which is a part of the analysis.

Fast: OLAP services are implemented in a multi-user client / server architecture and provide rapid responses to queries consistently, irrespective of database complexity.
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