OLAP database objects - Data warehousing

OLAP database objects

Data Sources
Fact Tables
Database roles

OLAP database objects: Cubes, Data Sources, Fact Tables, Database roles

The following are the OLAP database objects:

1.Cubes: Data in cubes are persisted in a summarized version that helps to analyze data quickly. The data is persisted, through which reporting can be done easily.

2.Data Sources: The data source is location, from which data comes in data warehousing. Data is collected from different resources and cleaned. This data source could be internal or external. Cleansing of source data and efficient analysis is the prime process for data warehousing.

3.Fact Tables: Fact table consists of facts and / or measures in data warehousing. Usually the data is stored in numeric fashion. For example, the number of resources used for a task is stored as actual measure.

4.Database roles: The database security is managed by utilizing database level roles. These roles may be fixed or flexible. The fixed roles are predefined where as flexible roles can be created.
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