What is TCL command?

What is TCL command?

TCL - Transaction Control: statements used to manage the changes made by DML statements. It allows statements to be grouped together into logical transactions.

COMMIT - save work done

SAVEPOINT - identify a point in a transaction to which you can later roll back

ROLLBACK - restore database to original since the last COMMIT

SET TRANSACTION - Change transaction options like isolation level and what rollback segment to use
Differences between GRANT and REVOKE command
By using the GRANT command you can grant an system level previledge or role to another user.....
Explain ROLLBACK and COMMIT command
The transactions like update, insert or delete can be undone with the help of rollback command. This is helpful when an introduced during your work. ..
Difference between post database commit and post-form commit?
Post-Database-Commit It fires once during the Post and Commit Transactions process, after the database commit occurs......
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