Advantages of PL/SQL

Explain the advantages of PL/SQL.

PL/SQL is a transaction processing language that offers the following advantages:

1. Support for SQL - SQL is flexible, powerful and easy to learn.
2. Support for object-oriented programming
3. Better performance - with PL/SQL, an entire block of statements can be sent to Oracle at one time.
4. Higher productivity - PL/SQL increases productivity by enabling use of better tools.
5. Full portability - PL/SQL are portable to any operating system and platform on which Oracle runs.
6. Tight integration with Oracle
7. Security PL/SQL can achieve data abstraction, access control.
Explain block structure of PL/SQL
The order of the parts is quite logical: First comes the declarative part, in which items can be declared. Items can be manipulated in the executable part...
Write a PL/SQL program for a trigger
PL/SQL program for a trigger - PL/SQL program for tracking operation on a emp table...
What are SQLCODE and SQLERRM? Why are they important for PL/SQL developers?
SQLCODE: It returns the error number for the last encountered error. SQLERRM:...
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