What is composite index?

What is composite index?

- A composite index is comprised of two or more columns.

- Composite indexes should be avoided as they are large in size and can be have a performance overhead.

- A composite index contains more than one key column.

- Composite indexes can provide additional advantages over single-column indexes:

Improved selectivity:
Sometimes two or more columns or expressions, each with poor selectivity, can be combined to form a composite index with higher selectivity.

Reduced I/O:
If all columns selected by a query are in a composite index, then Oracle can return these values from the index without accessing the table.

- A SQL statement can use an access path involving a composite index if the statement contains constructs that use a leading portion of the index.

- A leading portion of an index is a set of one or more columns that were specified first and consecutively in the list of columns in the CREATE INDEX statement that created the index.

Create a composite index with columns name and id.
ON student (ID, name)
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