Oracle database tuning

Describe in brief about oracle database tuning.

Oracle includes many performance tuning enhancements like:

- Automatic Performance Diagnostic and Tuning Features
- Automatic Shared Memory Management - Automatic Shared Memory Management puts Oracle in control of allocating memory within the SGA
- Wait Model Improvements - A number of views have been updated and added to improve the wait model.
- Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection - gathers optimizer statistics using a scheduled job called GATHER_STATS_JOB
- Dynamic Sampling - enables the server to improve performance
- CPU Costing - default cost model for the optimizer (CPU+I/O), with the cost unit as time
- Optimizer Hints
- Rule Based Optimizer Obsolescence - No more used
- Tracing Enhancements - End to End Application Tracing which allows a client process to be identified via the client identifier rather than the typical session id
- SAMPLE Clause Enhancements
- Hash Partitioned Global Indexes
What is proactive tuning and reactive tuning?
In Proactive Tuning, the application designers can then determine which combination of system resources.....
Operating system level tuning
System-level tuning involves the following steps: Monitoring the operating system counters using a tool such as top, gtop, and GKrellM or the VTune analyzer’s counter monitor data collector for applications running on Windows.....
Explain rule-based optimizer and cost-based optimizer
Oracle decides how to retrieve the necessary data whenever a valid SQL statement is processed......
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