Difference between Oracle Forms and Apps Forms

Difference between Oracle Forms and Apps Forms.

Oracle Forms

- Oracle Forms renders applications using metadata stored in an .fmx file.
- It runs client-side PL/SQL.
- It is accessed using a web browser and its user interface is rendered using a JVM.
- It uses exact positioning.
- It provides robust field-level validation and event processing.
- It uses BI Beans as its integrated charting engine.
- It supports a range of locking models with pessimistic as the default.
- Each connected user in It maintains a synchronous connection to the Oracle database.
- It uses synchronous connections to allow transactions to span multiple screen interactions.
- With Oracle Forms, Application logic is processed in the Oracle database, a mid-tier Forms Server, or in the rich client.

Apps Forms

- It renders applications using metadata stored in an Oracle database.
- It uses server-side PL/SQL.
- It is also invoked from a Web browser but its user interface is HTML and JavaScript.
- It uses HTML-relative positioning.
- It supports declarative page-level validation and event processing. Programmatic field-level validation and event processing requires Javascript and AJAX.
- It uses Flash Charts as its integrated charting engine.
- Due to its asynchronous architecture, It uses an optimistic locking model.
- It does not transparently allow transactions to span page views. It programmatically supports transactions spanning page views using collections.
- Its users are asynchronously connected to the Oracle database.
- With Apps Forms, PL/SQL application logic is processed within the Oracle database. Client-side logic is implemented using JavaScript. HTTP communications are facilitated using Apache and Mod/PLSQL.

Both Oracle Forms and Apps Forms support the calling of Web Services, for example BPEL.
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