What are various Oracle Operator?

What are various Oracle Operator?

Different operators :

Unary operators:- Operates on one operand.

Binary:- Operates on two operands.

Arithmetic operators:- Used to perform basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction etc. they are listed below:

+ - - Denotes positive or negative expression. They are unary operators.
*/- Denotes multiplication or division. They are binary operators.
||- Concatenates strings
=, !=. <, >, <=, >= are all comparison operators.
OR, AND, NOT are all logical operators

AND deptno = 10;
What is IN operator?
IN operator in a query allows you to have multiple values in a WHERE clause.........
What is Like operator?
LIKE in oracle enables the user to search for a string of the matching type. “%” is used as a wild card in the query.
Define Is Null operator
IS NULL operator is usually used to check if a columns value is NULL or not.............
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