Methods provided by SQL Loader

Explain the methods provided by SQL Loader.

Conventional Path Load and Direct Path Load are the two methods of loading data.

Conventional Path Load : is the default loading method and uses the SQL’s INSERT statements. It takes the following form:
The row is loaded if it maps with the portioned else an error log is written.

Direct Path Load : This method is faster than the conventional load method. In this method, the data to be loaded is parsed as per the description in the loader control file. It converts data for each input field with its corresponding data type and builds pairs in the form of pairs). The SQL *Loader then uses these pairs to build index keys and formats the oracle data blocks as per the pairs. These blocks are then written into the database. This reduces the processing load as compared to INSERT statement.
What is the physical and logical structure of oracle?
Logical Database structures - Logical structures include tablespaces, schema objects, data blocks, extents and segments.....
Explain how to prevent tablespace fragmentation in oracle.
Tablespace fragmentation can be prevented by using PCTINCREASE command....
How are extents allocated to a segment in oracle?
An extent is stored some specific information. This information is stored using specific number of adjoining data blocks...
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