What are the types of triggers?

What are the types of triggers?

The types of triggers are:

- Row level triggers
- Statement level triggers
- BEFORE and AFTER triggers

What are the types of triggers and how the sequence of firing in text item.

The different types of triggers are:

- Row triggers and statement triggers - specifies how many times the trigger should get executed – Once for every row or once for every triggering statement.

- Before and after triggers - Before trigger is fired before and update, insert or triggering statement is executed. After trigger is fired after the triggering statement is executed.

- Instead of Trigger - Here, the trigger is fired instead of executing the triggering statement

- Key triggers - fired on some key action.

- Mouse trigger - fired on some mouse navigation

- Navigational trigger - fired as a result of some navigation.

The sequence of firing in a text item are as follows:

1. pre - text
2. when new item
3. key-next
4. when validate
5. post text
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