What is user Account in Oracle database?

What is user Account in Oracle database?

- A user account is given to a user for accessing the database.

- This user account is used to manage the database.

- Each account is also given privileges in order to restrict access.

- A user account is a schema which is used to store database objects, applications, and components, and to determine a user's database privileges.

- For users to access your database, user accounts must be created and grant appropriate database access privileges to those accounts.

- A user account is identified by a user name and defines the attributes of the user, including the following:

a. Authentication method.
b. Password for database authentication.
c. Default tablespaces for permanent and temporary data storage.
d. Tablespace quotas.
e. Account status (locked or unlocked).
f. Password status (expired or not).

- When you create a user account, not only a user name must be assigned but a password and default tablespaces for the account, but also do the following:

a. Grant the appropriate system privileges, object privileges, and roles to the account.
b. If the user will be creating database objects, then give the user account a space usage quota on each tablespace in which the objects will be created.
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