List out the guidelines to create a View

List out the guidelines to create a View.

- The view’s column names are same as the table’s column name.

- New column names has to be explicitly listed in the CREATE View.

- New column names should be used while selecting column from a view.

- ORDER BY clause can’t be used in the definition of a view.

Some other guidelines are:

1. To create a view in your own schema, there must be a CREATE VIEW system privilege.

2. To create a view in another user's schema, there must be the CREATE ANY VIEW system privilege.

3. To create a subview, there must be the UNDER ANY VIEW system privilege or the UNDER object privilege on the superview.

4. The owner of the schema containing the view must have the privileges necessary to either select, insert, update, or delete rows from all the tables or views on which the view is based.

5. The owner must be granted these privileges directly, rather than through a role.

6. To use the basic constructor method of an object type when creating an object view, one of the following must be true:

7. The object type must belong to the same schema as the view to be created.

8. There must be the EXECUTE ANY TYPE system privileges.

9. You must have the EXECUTE object privilege on that object type.
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