Differentiate between Complier and Interpreter - operating system

Differentiate between Complier and Interpreter

A complier converts the programming language code to machine readable form during compilation. An interpreter converts each line of code to machine format at run time. A complier is more used and efficient as it produces a complete machine language program, which can then be executed.

Differentiate between Complier and Interpreter

- The program syntax is checked by the compiler; where as the keywords of the program is checked by the interpreter.

- The complete program is checked by the compiler, where as the interpreter checks simultaneously in the editor.

- Color coding is provided to the program by the interpreter, and enables self debugging while authoring a program.

- Interpreter converts each source code line into machine code and executes on the fly.

- Compiler takes more time for analyzing and processing the program, where as the interpreter takes very less time for analyzing and processing the program
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