Correct the mistakes in everyday conversation about family

Errors in everyday conversation in a family

Be it a conversation with friends, teachers, while shopping or in an official environment, we commit small mistakes which can be easily avoided.

Most of these mistakes are made because we try to relate the sentences to the way we speak them in our mother tongue.

Read ahead to see if you are able to relate to them and find out the right way to speak those particular sentences


Don't say: He is my cousin brother
Say: He is my cousin

Don't say: He is a family man.
Say: He is a man with a family.

Don’t say: He married his daughter.
Say: He got his daughter married.

Don't say: All his family members are sad.
Say: All members of his family are sad.

Don't say: Mommy and myself helped you.
Say: Mommy and I helped you.

Don't say: My brother is five years elder to me.
Say: My brother is five years older than me.

Don't say: He lives at Janpath road.
Say: He lives at Janpath.

Don't say: I asked him that why he was late.
Say: I asked him why he was late.

Don't say: He is not as tall as his father.
Say: He is not so tall as his father.

Don't say: I have many works to do over the weekend.
Say: I have much work to do over the weekend.

Don't say: Uncle is very miser.
Say: Uncle is very miserly.