Lear to use "Lest ------ should" correctly

Lest ----- should

The conjunction 'Lest ------ should' is used to Warn someone and Suggest the consequences of not paying attention to the warning.


1) Drive slow lest you should miss out the destination.

Here is a simple trick to remember this:
Drive slowlestyoushouldmiss out the destination.

From the above example we deduce that:

1) 'Drive slow' is the warning and the consequence for not doing so is ‘missing out the destination’.
2) Never use ‘may’ in place of ‘should’ in this conjunction. ‘Should’ here can not be replace by anything else.
3) 'May' and 'not' should never be used along with this conjunction.

Tip : This conjunction is used in negative sense, hence the word 'no' should not be used in the sentences.