Learn collective nouns for various animals and birds

Collective nouns for various animals and birds

A swarm of ants

A swarm of locusts

A string of camels

A herd of elephants

A streak/ambush of tigers

A litter/drove/herd/sounder of pigs

A team of horses

A team/yoke/span of oxen

A colony/ nest of rabbits

A pack/ colony/ swarm/ rabble of rats

A den/ bed/ pit/ nest/ slither of snakes

A clutter/cluster of spiders

A zeal/herd of zebra

A school/herd/pod/gam/run of whales

A hive/swarm of bees

A congregation of worshipers

A brood of chicken

A flock of geese

A brace/loft of pigeons

A bench of pictures

A parliament/stare of owls

A pride/muster/ostentation of peacocks

A creche/ huddle/colony of penguins

A covey/nye/bouquet of pheasants

A covey of patridges

A posy of flowers

A grove/thicket/stand of trees