Learn Compound Nouns in which first word gets a 's' in plural form

Compound nouns - In which the first word gets “s” to become plural.

There are some nouns which are a combination of two or more words. These are known as compound nouns.

When we try to convert a compound noun into its plural form and want to add a ‘s’, many a times we are left confused. This is because some compound nouns call for a ‘s’ in the first part to make them plural while the others need it in the second half.

So, here’s a list of compound nouns that need ‘s’ to be added in the first half to turn them into their plural form.

Singular - Daughter-in-law
Plural - Daughters-in-law
Example: After lunch, she went to meet her daughter-in-law.
Example: Her daughters -in-law are all pretty.

So, you see Daughter-in-laws is a wrong word.

Singular - Hanger-on
Plural - Hangers-on
Example: Karan was a kind of hanger-on, he used to go everywhere she was sent.
Example: At dinner -time my friends and the hangers -on all stopped at the pub for my birthday party.

Singular - Commander-in-chief
Plural - Commanders-in-chief
Example: He was appointed as the commander-in-chief on 20th of March.
Example: This museum has a collection of paintings and photographs of generals, sergeants, commanders-in-chief and many other renowned soldiers.

Singular - Sister-in-law
Plural - Sisters-in-law
Example: My sister-in-law is very curious about everything.
Example: I will invite all my sisters-in-law for the party.

Like daughters-in-law, it is sisters-in-law

Singular - Passer-by
Plural - Passers-by
Example: An innocent passer-by was shot dead by the terrorists.
Example: The passers-by helped the children to cross the road.

Singular – Looker-on
Plural - Lookers-on
Example: She spent rest of the evening just as a looker-on.
Example: A considerable number of lookers-on gathered round the accident.

Singular - Brother -in-law
Plural - Brothers-in-law
Example: My brother-in-law is getting married next week.
Example: My brothers-in-laws are very excited for the party.

Needless to explain, the plural of brother-in-law is brothers-in-law because actually the number of brothers is increasing in plural form!

Singular - Governor-general
Plural - Governors-general
Example: Her husband was governor general from 2001 to 2003.
Example: He made a list of governors-general of India.

Singular - Court martial
Plural - Courts martial
Example: A court-martial is a military court empowered to determine the guilt of members of the armed forces.
Example: Courts-martial have the authority to try a wide range of military offences which closely resemble crimes like fraud, theft, etc.