Learn Compound Nouns in which second word gets a 's' in plural form.

Compound nouns - In which the second word gets “s” to become plural.

And, here comes the list of compound nouns in which the second word takes the ‘s’ to make it plural.

Singular - Book-case
Plural - Book-cases
Example: He built a book-case for his sister.
Example: The book-cases will be suspended from the library for few days.

Singular - Class-fellow
Plural - Class-fellows
Example: He quarreled with his class fellow.
Example: All my class fellows were invited for the convocation.

Singular - Race-horse
Plural - Race-horses
Example: He had a list of 3000 racehorse names.
Example: The names of undefeated racehorses is included in the list of leading Thoroughbred racehorses.

Singular - Step-son
Plural - Step-sons
Example: She loved him even though he was her stepson.
Example: She had a deep conversation with her stepsons about the property.

Singular - Cast-away
Plural - Cast-aways
Example: The crew of the ship were cast away on a remote island for 2 weeks.
Example: The castaways kept waving their hands for help.

Singular - Grand-father
Plural - Grand-fathers
Example: She loves playing with her grandfather.
Example: We have invited all our grandfathers for the party.

Singular - Horse-race
Plural - Horse-races
Example: Have you participated in a horse-race?
Example: She loves watching horse-races.

Singular - Maid-servant
Plural - Maid-servants
Example: A maidservant carried a candle to my room when it was dark.
Example: Maidservants in her house looked after her the whole day.

Singular - Blackboard
Plural - Blackboards
Example - The teacher wiped the blackboard.
Example - The principal ordered 7 blackboards for the school.

Singular - Grandmother
Plural - Grandmothers
Example - Grandmother sent us a box of mangoes.
Example - Our grandmothers are good cooks.

Singular - Motorcycle
Plural - Motorcycles
Example - John gifted a new motorcycle to his dad.
Example - Motorcycles are easily available nowadays.

Singular - Grown-up
Plural - Grown-ups
Example - She has two grown-up children.
Example - Grown-ups have weird doubts.

Singular - Greenhouse
Plural - Greenhouses
Example - Water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone are greenhouse gases.
Example - Plants which require very different optimum temperatures are kept together in greenhouses.

Singular - age-group
Plural - age-groups
Example - To most of my friends in my own age group, this sounds hilarious.
Example - Different age-groups like teenage, young adults, adults, etc. have participated in the show.

Singular - Bus-stop
Plural - Bus-stops
Example - He was waiting at the bus-stop.
Example - You will have seven bus-stops on the way to Pune.