Learn Nouns that remain same in singular and plural form

Nouns which are same in singular and plural form

There are some nouns which do not change when converted from singular to plural. They remain the same.

Here are some such words which we often confuse.

1. Sheep

Singular: He saw a sheep grazing in the field.
Plural: He saw five sheep grazing in the field.

2. Fish

Singular: The fish live in water.
Plural: He sells 7 fish everyday.

3. Apparatus

Singular: He ordered the apparatus for experiments.
Plural: He ordered 5 apparatus for science experiments.

4. Corps

Singular: Corps is an organized body of people.
Plural: The corps surrounded the thief quickly.

5. Cod

Singular: Cod fish is popular as food.
Plural: Common species of cod are Atlantic cod and the Pacific cod.

6. Yoke

Singular: A yoke is a wooden beam placed between a pair of oxen.
Plural: The field was ploughed with two yoke of oxen.

7. Series

Singular: Everyday she watches a TV series.
Plural: She follows TV series religiously.

8. Swine

Singular: Swine is a muddy animal.
Plural: Swine are harmed by bird flu and human flu virus.

9. Deer

Singular: He saw a deer in the park.
Plural: Deer are easy prey for tigers.

10. Rice

Singular: Rice is the staple food of Tamil Nadu.
Plural: These varieties of rice are grown here.

11. Means

Singular: She means a lot to me.
Plural: The best means of securing the cooperation of workers is to appeal their demands.

12. Species

Singular: This species is common in India.
Plural: Speciation is the process through which species are formed by evolution.

13. Cannon

Singular: This cannon image is very clear.
Plural: The police required 5 water cannon to disperse the crowd.

14. Trout

Singular: Trout is a wild fish.
Plural: Trout are closely related to salmon.

15. Offspring

Singular: The kitten is the offspring of a cat.
Plural: A cat generally has around 4 offspring per litter.

16. Aircraft

Singular: Aircraft is made of aluminium.
Plural: Aircraft tyres are filled with non-inflammable nitrogen.

17. Information

Singular: The information in the brochure is incorrect.
Plural: Information brochures provided by them are very useful.

18. Scenery

Singular: The scenery of the islands is extremely beautiful.
Plural: The scenery in the African forests are wonderful.

19. Public

Singular: This is a public beach.
Plural: When the results are made public, I'll let you know.

20. Music

Singular: I like classical music.
Plural: My friends like music.

21. Headquarters

Singular: It is the headquarters of the second army division.
Plural: The company headquarters are located all over the country.

22. Gymnastics

Singular: Gymnastics is my favourite sport.
Plural: What are the different types of Gymnastics?

23. Furniture

Singular: There is no furniture left in the room.
Plural: We are thinking of buying some new furniture.

24. Dice

Singular: We lost one dice whilst playing the game yesterday.
Plural: In this game, each player rolls the dice to see who plays first.

25. Advice:

Singular: I decided to follow your advice and take a vacation.
Plural: We received a lot of advice on all aspects of water efficiency.