Learn Nouns which look singular but used as plurals

Collective nouns – Singular in form but are used as plural.

When you have a collection of thing in a particular noun , you use a term to address that group. This term is called collective noun.

In this category we are dealing with those collective nouns which look singular but are actually used as a plural


People with good social position are collectively called as Gentry.
Incorrect: The gentry is well educated
Correct: The gentry are well educated


Incorrect: The police has arrested the culprit.
Correct: The police have arrested the culprit.


Incorrect: People has no time to cook.
Correct: People have no time to cook.


Incorrect: The clergy was invited for the party.
Correct: The clergy were invited for the party.


Incorrect: The vermin is dangerous
Correct: The vermin are dangerous


Incorrect: Some folk is afraid of police.
Correct: Some folk are afraid of police.


Incorrect: The public is waiting for the guest to arrive
Correct: The public are waiting for the guest to arrive


Incorrect: Cattle is grazing.
Correct: Cattle are grazing.


Incorrect: Poultry is farmed in great numbers with chickens to earn profit.
Correct: Poultry are farmed in great numbers with chickens to earn profit.


Incorrect: The peasantry in Agra is very poor.
Correct: The peasantry in Agra are very poor.


Correct: The audience is requested to be in its seats.
Incorrect: The audience are requested to be in their seats.


Incorrect: All the members of the family is excited.
Correct: All the members of the family are excited.


Incorrect: The staff has earned many awards this year.
Correct: The staff have earned many awards this year.


Incorrect: The majority of people is interested in sports.
Correct: The majority of people are interested in sports.


Incorrect: Minority parties has grown over past 2 years.
Correct: Minority parties have grown over past 2 years


Incorrect: Members of the navy is called as sailors.
Correct: Members of the navy are called as sailors.