Learn the correct use of May and Might.

Use of MAY

May is used to express

a) Permission

1. May I come in sir?
    Yes, you may.

2. May I use your car?
    Yes, you may.

3. You may go there.

b) Possibility

1. It may rain today.
2. You may get an award.

c) Purpose

1. We eat so that we may live.
2. He works hard so that he may pass.
3. I exercise everyday so that I may be healthy.

d) Wish or Prayer

1. May you live long!
2. May God bless you with prosperity!
3. May her soul rest in peace!

Here are some of the examples of common mistakes that we commit in the usage of “may”.

a. Can I borrow your pen? ---- (Incorrect)
    May I borrow your pen? ---- (Correct)

b. We eat so that we should live. ----- (Incorrect)
    We eat so that we may live. -------- (Correct)

Use of MIGHT

Might - Past tense of May

a) The Past tense of May

1. The teacher said that he might go home.
2. I asked him if I might see his watch.

Might is used to express:

b) Past tense of Purpose

1. He ran fast so that he might win the race.
2. She wore high heels so that she might look tall.

c) Doubtful Possibility

1. He has not worked hard, but he might pass.
2. She is practicing hard, she might win the competition.
3. My uncle has not attended my birthday party, but he might call up tonight.

d) Past Tense of Possibility

1. The animals thought that tortoise might win the race.
2. The teacher said that I might win a scholarship.
3. The father said that the mother might get late.

e) To express Permission in the Past Tense

1. The mother said that we might take the short cut.
2. The captain said that we might play match.

f) To express some Future Condition

1. If he gets permission, he might participate in the election.
2. If she works hard, she might clear UPSC this time.
3. If they perform well, they might win the show.

g) To express Good Wishes in the Past

1. The teacher wished that I might do well in the exams.
2. We wished that our school might win the trophy.