Learn the correct use of Should/ Would.

Should – Past form of shall.

Should is used to express:

1. The future in the past tense

i) He told me that he should attend the conference
ii) The coach said that you should report for practice tomorrow morning.

2. Duty or Obligation

i) We should respect our parents.
ii) One should always help the needy.
iii) You should behave responsibly.

3. Advice or Suggestion

i) You should stick to the time table.
ii) You should exercise daily.
iii) Government should create more employment.
iv) The child should not play in sun.

4. To express Surprise

i) It is really sad that he should miss the flight.
ii) It is very surprising that they should not become a part of the celebration.

5. Supposition or Improbable action

i) Should they listen to advice, they will not get into the problem.
ii) Should you go to the school, take the payment cheque from me.

6. Purpose (Here it is used with “lest”)

i) I practiced hard lest I should loose.
ii) Run fast lest you should lose the race.
iii) Keep yourself hydrated lest you should fall sick.

8. Conditional Sentences

i) Should it get dark, we shall not go out.
ii) Should you accept the mistake, we shall help you.

Following are some of the common mistakes we commit in the usage if “should”. Also provided is the right was to speak/ write these sentences.

My child, you must not have behaved like this. ------ (Incorrect)
My child, you should not have behaved liked this. ------ (Correct)

Use of WOULD

Would – Past tense of will.

Would is used to express:

1. Future tense of past in the indirect speech

i) He said that he would not go to the market.
ii) He told me that he would sing in the show tonight.

2. Past Habit

i) She would take lemon tea every morning.
ii) My grandfather would feed the birds every morning.
iii) He would teach the children all day.

3. Determination

i) I would stand by my friend through thick and thin.
ii) He would get the majority whether you support or not.
iii) He would take the lead.

4. Suggestion

i) Would you take care of your new pet?
ii) Would you water the plants regularly?

5. Polite Request

i) Would you please come with me?
ii) Would you have something to eat?
iii) Would you please lend me you book for a day?

6. Wish or Desire

i) Would that I were a child again!
ii) Would that I were young!
iii) I wish my father would come back!

7. Preference

i) I would prefer death to disgrace.
ii) He would rather give up than fight.
iii) I would rather find a solution than cribbing about the problem.

8. Unreal Condition

i) Had you worked hard, you would have scored well.
ii) If he had joined us, he would have a company.
iii) If I were young, I would dance all night.