Learn the correct use of "Used to".

Learn the correct use of “Used to”

“Used to” is used to express some habits a person had in past.

Let us see the usage of "used to" in different types of sentences:

a) Affirmative Sentences


1. Tendulkar used to practice on nets for an hour daily.
2. When we were in school, we used to share the study room.
3. He used to party with us every weekend.

b) Negative Sentences

1. She used not to waste her time.
2. He used not to be a part of any mischief at school.

c) Interrogative Sentences

1. Used she to badmouthing when she was young ?
2. Used she to work hard when practicing for the tournament?

d) Passive Voice Sentences

1. She is used to gossiping.
2. I am used to walking 5 km every morning.
3. He got used to treat all relatives well.
4. We are not used to creating problems.

Here are some common mistakes that we commit in the usage of “used to”:

1. When I had begun my career, I worked very hard. ------- (Don’t say)
    When I had begun my career, I used to work very hard. ------ (Say)

2. He studied with me in Class V. ------ (Don’t say)
    He used to study with me in Class V. ------- (Say)