Learn to use "Although ------ yet" correctly

Although ------ yet

Use of 'Although ------ yet'

1) 'Although ------ yet' is used to express two opposite qualities or actions of a person.
2) Although is always followed by yet.


1) Although she is very intelligent, yet she is not able to get through the entrance exam.

Remember the simple formula shown below:

Althoughsheisvery intelligentyetsheisnot able to get through the entrance exam

From the above example we deduce that:

1) In the above sentence, 'intelligent' and 'not getting through the entrance exam' are two contrasting qualities because, whenever a person is intelligent, the chances of him/her getting through the exam become higher.
2) The word 'yet' should never be replaced with 'but'.
3) This conjunction cannot be used to show two similar qualities or actions.


a) Incorrect: Although he is innocent but everyone suspects him.
   Correct: Although he is innocent yet everyone suspects him.