Learn to use "As if" correctly

'As if'

1.) The conjunction ‘As if’ is used to convey the sense of presence.
2.) It is used to express unreal behavior of a person.
3.) It can be used past as well as present tense.

  • He behaves as if he were my real father. (Action –present tense)
  • She is excited as if it were her own wedding. (Action –present tense)
  • He behaved as if he had been my very close friend. (Action –past tense)

From the above 3 examples we deduce that:

1) It should be used as one conjunction.
2) If the action is in present tense, the verb used in the sentence should be ‘were’. Third person (singular subject) if present will also get ‘were’ as the verb.
3) For past tense, the verb used will be ‘had been’ irrespective of the nature and number of the subject.

Example of 'As if'

Incorrect: She behaves as if she is innocent.
Correct: She behaves as if she were innocent.