Learn to use "As soon as" correctly

As soon as

When two actions take place simultaneously, the conjunction used is “As soon as”


1) As soon as she sees her mother she stops crying

Remember the simple trick shown below:

As soon ashesees other childrenhebecomes playful.

Present tense: As soon as he sees other children he becomes playful.
Past tense: As soon as he saw other children he became playful.
Future tense: As soon as he will see other children he will become playful.

From the above 3 examples we deduce that:

1) The conjunction 'As soon as ' is used to denote two actions taking place simultaneously.
2) It can be used in all the tenses. (Past, Present and future tense)
3) The two actions may concern the same subject or two different subjects.

For e.g. As soon as my father comes back from the office, my mother gets the tea.