Learn to use "Neither ------ nor" correctly

Neither ------ nor

The conjunction 'Neither ---- nor' is the negative of 'Either ----- or'

1) The use of this conjunction means that, the given quality is present in none of the two subject.
2) If 'neither-----nor' is used, the verb must agree with the second subject.
3) This conjunction cannot be used for more than two subjects.

(One person – two qualities/action)


(Two persons – one quality/action)

Neither1st SubjectNor2nd SubjectVerb/HV2ndQuality/Action
NeitherRohannorSohanhasfinished the last chocolate

*The verb agrees with the second subject.


a. Incorrect: Both Janhvi and Manas did not send the invoice.
   Correct: Neither Janhvi nor Manas sent the invoice.

b. Incorrect: He is neither satisfied with profile nor he is satisfied with salary.
   Correct: He is satisfied with neither profile nor salary.

c. Incorrect: I have neither been to London nor to Washington DC.
   Correct: I have been to neither London nor Washington DC.