Learn to use these French words and phrases

Learn to use these French words and phrases

Phrase: A'la mode
Meaning: According to the custom; in fashion
Example: Mobile phones and games are a’la mode with children.

Phrase: Au revoir
Meaning: Adieu, until we meet again. Adieu means goodbye.
Example: The children were bursting crackers due to which au revoirs of her friends went unheard.

Phrase: Bastide
Meaning: A French country house
Example: Most bastides were built in the south of France between 1229 and 1373.

Phrase: Un bel homme
Meaning:  A handsome man
Example: Kate is beautiful. She is married to un bel homme.

Phrase: Un beau garcon
Meaning: A handsome boy
Example: Dennis, un beau garcon, set the ramp on fire.

Phrase: Un Beau jour
Meaning: The phrase 'Un Beau jour' means A Fine day.
Example: It was un beau jour, when I saw her for the first time walking towards the beach.

Phrase: Beneficiare
Meaning: The person receiving benefits.
Example: Father is no more. His only son is the beneficiare.

Phrase: Bon homie
Meaning: Cheerful friendliness, cordiality
Example: The endorsement of Finance Manager’s new schemes by the CEO in a public meeting was the first sign of bon homie between the two.

Phrase: Bonjour
Meaning: Good morning
Example: “Bonjour teacher”, shouted the students.

Phrase: Bon voyage
Meaning: A good journey to you
Example: We all shouted 'bon voyage' as dad left for his business trip.

Phrase: Boutique
Meaning: A shop, tradesman's stock
Example: My house is next to her boutique.

Phrase: Chef
Meaning: Male - headcook
Example: His love for cooking made him pursue his hotel management degree. And today, he is the chef at Marriot’s kitchen!

Phrase: Coiffeur
Meaning: Hair dresser
Example: The bride was looking beautiful with a nice coiffeur adorned with flowers!

Phrase: Coup d'etat
Meaning: Sudden decisive blow in politics
Example: Last year, the country faced coup d'etat.

Phrase: De boone grace
Meaning:  With good grace
Example: She accepted my invitation de boone grace.

Phrase: Detenu
Meaning: A prisoner
Example: On 15th August, detenu was released.

Phrase: Edition de luxe
Meaning: A splendid and expensive edition of a book.
Example: John might gift edition de luxe to his dad, on his birthday.

Phrase: En masse
Meaning: In a body, universally
Example: The students arrived en masse to support their leader.

Phrase: En rapport
Meaning: In direct relation ; in sympathy
Example: En rapport with the children in the orphanage is important to solve the case..

Phrase: En route
Meaning: On the road ; let us go ; march
Example: The zoo is en route to John's house.

Phrase: Entrepreneur
Meaning: Contractor, builder
Example: A skilled entrepreneur motivates his employees.

Phrase: En ville
Meaning: In town, 'not at home'
Example: He was en ville. So we returned home without meeting him.

Phrase: Epouse
Meaning: Wife, bride
Example: His epouse is very bold and beautiful.

Phrase: Etoile
Meaning: Star
Example: Eoile of Hollywood movies came to grace the Bollywood award function

Phrase: Etranger
Meaning: Stranger, a foreigner
Example: Etranger  made the dogs bark all night.

Phrase: Fait accompli
Meaning: A thing already done
Example: This is a fait accompli, shouted the manager looking at the team wasting time on a task already done.

Phrase: Fenome
Meaning: Woman, wife
Example: She is a fenome of substance.

Phrase: Impasse
Meaning: A deadlock
Example: He reached an impasse when he was trying to solve a puzzle.

Phrase: Marriage the convenance
Meaning:  Marriage of convenience
Example: It was just a marriage the convenance, to fix a business deal with each other.

Phrase: Mon ami
Meaning: My friend
Example: Mon ami, I will be always with you in good and bad times.

Phrase: Par excellence
Meaning: By way of eminence
Example: This perfection is only possible by a chef of par excellence.

Phrase: Bonsoir
Meaning: Good evening
Example: Bonsoir. We welcome you to the evening fare.

Phrase: Bonne nuit
Meaning: Good night
Example: Bonne nuit, mommy. Kids kissed the mother and went to sleep.

Phrase: Excusez-moi
Meaning: Excuse me
Example:  Excusez-moi. I’m late for the appointment.

Phrase: S'il vous plait
Meaning: Please
Example: S'il vous plait. Can you get me the another dish?

Phrase: Merci
Meaning: Thank you  
Example: Merci. I could not have finished this without your help.

Phrase: Bienvenue
Meaning: Welcome
Example: Bienvenue ! Good to see you back.