Learn to use these Latin words and phrases

Learn to use these Latin words and phrases

There are a lot of foreign words and phrases that we use in our day to day conversation. They not only make the language rich but also add an interesting element to our conversations.

Here, we get to you some interesting Latin phrases with their meanings and usages. Read on to see if you already use some of them in your daily conversations. If not, why not make an attempt to learn and use them?

Phrase: Ab initio
Meaning: From the beginning. “Ab' means 'From' and 'initio' means 'beginning'
Example: Ab initio, the song was recorded twice.

Phrase: Ab origine
Meaning: From the origin. “Ab' means 'From' and 'origine' means 'origin'
Example: An animal that is ab origine in Newzealand is Kangaroo.

Phrase: Ad hoc
Meaning: For the special purpose
Example: The company recruits staff on an ad hoc basis.

Phrase: Ad interim
Meaning: In the meantime
Example: Unexpected resignation of current CM has led the committee to elect him as the next CM ad interim.

Phrase: Ad lib
Meaning: Speak without prior preparation
Example: His ad libs got him in trouble during the interview.

Phrase: Ad referendum
Meaning: For further consideration
Example: The judge remanded the case ad referendum.

Phrase: Ad valorem
Meaning: According to value
Example: A 10 % ad valorem tariff will be paid by the company to the government.

Phrase: Affair d'amour
Meaning: A love affair
Example: His affair d'amour is the talk of the town.

Phrase: Alma mater
Meaning: Benign mother. Mostly used as a reference to the university you have passed from.
Example: I was presented the fellowship award while visiting Mumbai University, my Alma mater.

Phrase: Alter ego
Meaning: One's other self
Example: He sees his alter ego in his younger brother.

Phrase: Annie Christi
Meaning: In the year of Christ
Example: She was born Annie Christi.

Phrase: Ante Meridien
Meaning: Before noon
Example: We had a long walk of about 4 km ante meridien.

Phrase: Ars Longa, Vita brevis
Meaning: Art is long, life is short
Example: Having played piano for10 years, he still learns the new notes. Ars Longa, Vita brevis

Phrase: Au Contraire
Meaning: On the contrary
Example: I suspected him to get angry at the bar. Au contraire, he was very amused by the dance.

Phrase: Bona fide
Meaning: Good faith, genuine
Example: I was responsible to recruit a bona fide candidate.

Phrase: Carpe – diem
Meaning: Enjoy the present day
Example: Carpe – diem; never remember your past.

Phrase: De facto
Meaning: From the fact, really
Example: All the evidences are against him. De facto, he is the culprit.

Phrase: De jure
Meaning: From the law ; by right
Example: They are single again. The separation is de jure.

Phrase: Dei gratia
Meaning: By the grace of God
Example: Dei gratia! It’s a baby girl.

Phrase: Dramatis personae
Meaning: Characters in a drama or a play
Example: 99 Women - A beautiful play. Dramatis Personae make the show alive.

Phrase: Errare est humanum
Meaning: To err is human
Example: Errare est humanum, to forgive is divine.

Phrase: Et tu, Brute !
Meaning: You too, Brutus !( This sentence was exclaimed by Caesar's in Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar, when he saw his much loved Brutus amongst the murderers. (Marcus Junius Brutus) Brutus, was a politician of the late Roman Republic.
Example: Caesar exclaimed, “Et tu, Brute !” when he saw his friend Brutus amongst the murders.

Phrase: Euge !
Meaning: Well done !
Example: Euge ! You have topped the class this year.

Phrase: Excelsior
Meaning: Higher ; (erroneously) upwards.
Example: The mountain peaks were snow clad. The troop started early morning and moved excelsior.

Phrase: Id est
Meaning: That is
Example: The doctor said Id est good for health.

Phrase: Ibidem
Meaning: In the same place, thing or case
Example: The two friends met ibidem after 4 years.

Phrase: In camera
Meaning: In a private room
Example: The lawyer and victim met in camera to discuss the next hearing.

Phrase: In toto
Meaning: In the whole ; entirely
Example: In toto, he is the most talented boy of the town.

Phrase: In memoriam
Meaning: To the memory of.
Example: In memorium of Anne Frank, her statue was built by the Idaho Human Rights Education Center in the city of Boise.

Phrase: Inter alia
Meaning: Among other things
Example: His favourite game inter alia is cricket.

Phrase: Locus Standi
Meaning: A right to interefere
Example: He has no locus standi in this matter.

Phrase: Magnum opus
Meaning: A great work
Example: Monalisa – Magnum opus and highly appreciated.

Phrase: Modus operandi
Meaning: Manner of working, method of working
Example: To crack the case, we must understand the modus operandi of the criminals.

Phrase: Labor Omnia Vincit
Meaning: Labor means work, ominia means everything and vincit means conquers. Hence, Labor Ominia Vinist means labor will conquer all/everything
Example: Never give up my child, know that labor omnia vincit.

Phrase: Par example
Meaning: For example
Example: The animals that feed on plants are called as herbivorous. Par Example: Sheep, cows, etc.

Phrase: Prima facie
Meaning: On the first view
Example: Never judge a person prima facie.

Phrase: Sine die
Meaning: Without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing
Example: The court noticed that the case was started with following the proper procedure and adjourned sine dine.

Phrase: Status quo
Meaning: The state in which (it was)
Example: The new CEO of this company has plans to change the status quo and bring back its profits.

Phrase: Terra incognita
Meaning: An unknown country
Example: The aliens landed in terra incognita.

Phrase: Ultra vires
Meaning: Beyond one's powers.
Example: The ultra vires acts performed by them are invalid.

Phrase: Vice versa
Meaning: The terms being exchanged
Example: Money can be a part of success but not vice versa.

Phrase: Viva voce
Meaning: By the living voice
Example: The practical was followed by a viva voce to grade the students.