Learn Work Houses & Storage of various things

Work Houses & Storages

Leather goods are made in tannery.

Bricks are made in kiln.

Fruit trees are grown in the orchard.

Grapes are grown in the vineyard.

Young plants are grown in the nursery.

Beer is manufactured in the brewery.

Coins are made in the mint.

Ships are manufactured in the Dockyard.

Bread is made in the bakery.

Iron implements are forged in the smithy.

The place where salt is obtained from seawater is salt pan.

Pearls are formed in oysters.

Aeroplanes are kept in hangars.

Wares are kept in the godown.

Luggage at the railway station is kept in the cloak room.

Grain is stored in a granary.

Provisions are kept in the pantry.

Historical relics are kept in museum.

Gas is stored in cylinder.

Weapons and ammunition are stored in magazines or arsenal.

Milk and milk products are stored, processed and distributed in a dairy.