Social Networking for Computer Science and MCA students

Explain different types of social networking sites.

A social networking site is an online platform that provides its users the facility to create their profile and interact with other people.

There are various types of social networking sites. Some of these are:

1) Social Networking
2) Educational
3) Informational Sites
4) Multimedia Sharing
5) Academic
6) Hobbies

Social Networking site
  • A social networking site provides a platform to build social networks or social relations among people who want to share their interests, activities, life events, backgrounds or real-life connections.Facebook & Twitter are the most widely used social networking sites.

  • Now a days educational social networks are most popular in the education system. Educational networks are those which are accessed by students in order to conduct research and interact with professors and teachers.
  • Informational sites provide various types of information to users. For example, when you are thinking about starting a new business or want to learn how to do, you may perform a web search and discover countless blogs, websites, and forums filled with people who are looking out for the same kind of information.
Multimedia Sharing
  • The sites which are used to share videos, audios and photographs via the Internet are known as Multimedia Sharing sites. YouTube and Dailymotion are the most popular sites for multimedia sharing.
  • Users can share their academic research and also follow research submitted by others. is the example of academic site.
  • Many people use Internet to gather information on their favorite project or topic of interest related to personal hobbies. Ex.

Write a short note features and need of social networking.

Social Networking
  • A social networking site is an online platform that provides its users a facility to create their profile and interact with other people.
Features of social networking

  • Site administrators and users can write their experiences and other things that usually relate to their topic of concern or interest.
  • Forum is nothing but the discussion boards where users can hold their conversation about various topics.
User profile
  • Most of the social sites allow the users to create and manage their accounts. You can see other users through their profile, photos and videos.
  • Most of the social sites offer real-time chat functionality. This functionality allows users to communicate directly with each other.
  • Allows the users to comment or express their views on a particular post.
  • Events could be a local gathering or any online event. Events are integrated with the calendar. Both the administrator and users can create events.
  • A user can create a network of friends, create a group, initiate or take part in a group discussion.
Photos, Videos & Files
  • It allows the user to upload and share their photos, videos and files. User can see other users through photos and videos.
  • Ability for people to get notified when comments are made on a blog post or other content.
Need of social networking
  • Social networking is beneficial to business to gain contacts, clients, and increase public awareness.
  • Even businessman who run small business from their home can take advantage of this resource to set up a global presence.
  • It allows people to stay in touch with friends regularly, and sometimes, more intimately, which was not possible initially.
  • It helps people to stay up-to-date with news and current events.
  • Most of the people use social networking to share photos and videos with other and find funny and entertaining content (articles, videos).
  • Smart business owners using social networking sites to recruit new employees. Large number of candidates come across these recruiting opportunities via social networking sites.
  • Nowadays many stores provide an online presence where people can go to purchase products and have what they buy shipped without leaving the house.