Advantages of feature points analysis - Project management (PMP)

Advantages of feature points analysis.

- It is an excellent approach to be used in size estimation of algorithmically intensive systems.
- It is independent of the programming language, technology, techniques.
- It provides a reliable relationship to effort.
- Productivity of projects written in different languages can be measured.
- They can be counted early and often.
- They can be used for GUI systems.
- It considers environmental factors.
Disadvantages of feature point analysis - Project management (PMP)
The main disadvantage is the subjective classification of algorithmic complexity....
Blitz modeling as a unit of sizing of software - Project management (PMP)
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Advantages of blitz modeling- Project management (PMP)
Advantages of Blitz modeling: a) Estimation improves with every phase b) Uses data from past projects and hence is more accurate and predictable.....
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