Blitz modeling as a unit of sizing of software - Project management (PMP)

Describe blitz modeling as a unit of sizing of software.

- Blitz modelling is an approach for software estimation which uses number of classes and number of programs per class as software metric. This technique is completely based upon historical data and hence historical database is essential.

- It gets better with each passing phase as the database becomes more and more accurate. Blitz modelling technique segregates and calculates function strong and data strong systems.

- It is easy to use with object oriented techniques and accuracy increases along with the historical database. The main disadvantage is that it uses design methodologies and estimation thus cannot begin until the design is complete which is not always possible.
Advantages of blitz modeling- Project management (PMP)
Advantages of Blitz modeling: a) Estimation improves with every phase b) Uses data from past projects and hence is more accurate and predictable.....
Disadvantages of blitz modeling - Project management (PMP)
Disadvantages of Blitz modeling: a) Needs structured methodologies to be used b) Estimation cannot occur till complete design is ready...
Wideband Delphi as a unit of sizing of software - Project management (PMP)
Wideband Delphi is a very popular and simple technique for estimating software’s size and effort. It uses a group consensus approach and thus uses a lot of people’s experience for software estimation....
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