Feature Points as a unit of sizing of software - Project management (PMP)

Describe feature points as a unit of sizing of software.

Feature points are not commonly used as a software estimating technique anymore. The approach was described for certain types of functionality by IFPUG method. It destabilizes the focus on pure elementary process content. There are no standards depicting use of feature points for software estimation. The idea was to identify main features of the software and estimate cost based on that. The approach failed as a feature could be very difficult and complex compared to another feature and hence takes many times more effort to build.
Guidelines for counting feature points - Project management (PMP)
a. Count feature points b. Continue the feature point count by counting the number of algorithms c. Weigh complexity....
Advantages of feature points analysis - Project management (PMP)
It is an excellent approach to be used in size estimation of algorithmically intensive systems......
Disadvantages of feature point analysis - Project management (PMP)
The main disadvantage is the subjective classification of algorithmic complexity....
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