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What is a Phase in Project Management?

- A phase is a set of related activities. Project management identifies 5 such phases. One may term phases as even components of Project management.

- Phases of project management are:

1. Project initiation:
- The idea for a project needs to be examined very carefully so as to check whether it determines its scope in the future.

2. Project planning:
- In this the project scope is put in writing and the project outline is being planned.
- Here the team prioritizes the project, calculate the budget of the project and scheduling it and checking the resources.

3. Project execution:
- The tasks are distributed and the execution of the project takes place.
- The important project related information are discussed in this phase.

4. Project monitoring:
- Here the actual status of the project is taken note of by the project managers.
- The schedules are adjusted by the project managers so as to keep the project on track.

5. Project closure:
- After the completion of the project the client will give and approval on it.
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