SLIM estimating model - Project management (PMP)

Explain the concepts of SLIM estimating model.

It is one of the first algorithmic models for estimating software project costs. It is based on Norden-Rayleigh function and is commonly used for large projects. SLIM also uses historical data from past projects for estimation. It also uses and considers other project parameters, characteristics, attributes and KLOC for its estimation calculation.

Total Life cycle effort (years) = ( LOC / ( C * t4/3 )) * 3
t is development and C is technology constant which is determined from tools, language, methods, quality features etc. This make SLIM dependent on C which is a disadvantage.
Advantages of SLIM estimating model - Project management (PMP)
Advantages: a. It provides a set of software development management tools that support the entire program lifecycle.......
Disadvantages of SLIM estimating model - Project management (PMP)
Disadvantages: a. Works best on large projects. b. The software size needs ot be estimated in advance in order to use this model....
Roles required for a software project - Project Project management (PMP)
Several roles needed in a software project are: a. Project Managers b. Test Managers.....
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