Strengths of the spiral model- Project management (PMP)

Explain the strengths of the spiral model.

Strengths of the Spiral model:

a) Early identification of potential risk areas.
b) Customer sees a prototype very early in the SDLC.
c) Critical and risky features are built first for risk mitigation and clarifying requirements.
d) Design can evolve with iterations.
e) Feedback from users helps maintain their expectations.
f) Cost is assessed frequently, hence better planning.
Weaknesses of the spiral model - Project management (PMP)
Weaknesses of Spiral model are: a) Not suitable for smaller or low budget projects as cost is high for identifying risks....
Explain when to use the spiral model - Project management (PMP)
Spiral model should be used when: a) Prototypes are expected/needed b) Large and high budget projects...
Tailored software development life cycle model - Project management (PMP)
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