Weaknesses of the Incremental model - Project management (PMP)

Explain the weaknesses of the Incremental model.

Weaknesses of incremental model are:

1. Needs good planning and design.
2. Needs a clear and complete definition of the complete system before it can be broken down and built incrementally.
3. Integration needs are very high
4. Total cost is higher than waterfall.
5. The project should be complete and concise.
Explain when to use the Incremental model - Project management (PMP)
Incremental model should only be used when: Requirements of the complete system are clearly defined and understood....
Spiral software development life cycle model - Project management (PMP)
The spiral SDLC model combines components of both design and prototype in phases. It’s a hybrid of waterfall and prototyping model....
Phases in the spiral model - Project management (PMP)
Phases in spiral model: a) System requirements are identified in detail. b) An initial design is created for the new system based on the requirements in previous phase......
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