Wideband Delphi as a unit of sizing of software - Project management (PMP)

Describe wideband delphi as a unit of sizing of software.

Wideband Delphi is a very popular and simple technique for estimating software’s size and effort. It uses a group consensus approach and thus uses a lot of people’s experience for software estimation.

Here is the approach:

a) Present the problem to the experienced group of people along with a response form
b) Initiate discussion among the group
c) Collect and gather opinions impartially and anonymously
d) Present a feedback summary
e) Iterate with another discussion within the group till all agree to a consensus.
Advantages of Wideband Delphi - Project management (PMP)
a. Implementation is easy and inexpensive. b. It uses expertise of various people......
Disadvantages of Wideband Delphi - Project management (PMP)
a. Difficult to repeat again and again with different group of experts. b. You can possibly reach consensus on incorrect estimate......
Steps in software size, effort duration and cost estimating - Project management (PMP)
Steps: a. Establish Cost-Estimation Objectives b. Develop a plan for estimation activities. Plan for resources....
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