What is a Work Breakdown Structure? - Project management (PMP)

What is a work breakdown structure?

A WBS defines the total scope of the project hierarchically. It is used to develop or confirm a common understanding of project scope. Each level represents an increasingly detailed description of the deliverables in the project. This makes WBS deliverable focused. The items at the lowest level of the WBS may be referred to as work packages. It is an aid to bottom-up estimation and resource planning.
Different Work Breakdown Structure, WBS architecture - Project management (PMP)
System-Oriented WBS: This WBS uses a hierarchical decomposition tree to list various activities......
Why do we need Work Breakdown Structure, WBS? - Project management (PMP)
WBS identifies all the work that is to be performed for a product. It clearly identifies the entire scope......
Steps to build a work breakdown structure, WBS - Project management (PMP)
Steps: a. Create a list of major activities or deliverables. b. Arrange them in order....
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