Different delivered security sets

What are the different delivered security sets and how do they function?

The different security sets are: - Department, People with jobs, People without jobs, US federal people with jobs, Recruiting job openings and template based hire.

For each security set, admin can enable or disable the access type. Based on this setup, the system will decide the type of security. For example, department security will be driven based on department tree, which is one access type or it can be driven by department setid which is another access type for the security set department.

For POIs with no job rows, to define security, the security set People without jobs is used. The other options are access types like location, business unit or institution. So, the one which is enabled, will drive the security.
When a user is tied to a primary permission list how does it decide the department data access for the employee?
User is tied to a primary permission list in user profile table. This permission list is tied to a setid and deptid in the security setup....
What is row level security?
Row level security is also known as Data Permission Security. It determines the access given to a user for all/specific set of rows through any PeopleSoft component...
How do we assign row level security to users?
The steps to assign row level security are: i) Assign desired values of fields (department/ job location/ job company/ business unit etc) to Data Permission Lists...
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