Department security

Organization XYZ uses PS department security. There are 4 levels in the department tree 1,2,3 and 4 with 4 being at the top of the tree. If a manager A is in dept 3 and has 2 direct reports in the same department. Can the direct reports view data for employees in department 4?

If the direct reports are also in department 3 then they can see the data for employees in department 2 and 1 only. They cannot see the data for a population which is above their department tree node. Since 4 is above 3 they cannot see the data.

Organization ABC uses Department Security with Dept 1 as the parent department. Dept 2 is the child of Dept 1, Dept 3 and Dept 4 are the child of Dept 2. A person is given the Read/Write access to Dept 1. Which departments will he have access to? Can we restrict the access to dept 3? If yes, how?

Since Dept 1 is the parent department and read/write access is given for Dept 1, the user will have access to all the departments under Dept 1, i.e. Dept 2, Dept 3 and Dept 4.

Yes, we can restrict the access to Dept 3 by giving ‘No Access’ to Dept 3 while defining the access code for Dept 3 on the Security be Dept Tree page of the respective permission list.
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