How to make Forms in python?

Explain how to make Forms in python.

As python is scripting language forms processing is done by Python. We need to import cgi module to access form fields using FieldStorage class.

Every instance of class FieldStorage (for 'form') has the following attributes: The name of the field, if specified.
form.filename: If an FTP transaction, the client-side filename.
form.value: The value of the field as a string.
form.file: file object from which data can be read.
form.type: The content type, if applicable.
form.type_options: The options of the 'content-type' line of the HTTP request, returned as a dictionary.
form.disposition: The field 'content-disposition'; None if unspecified.
form.disposition_options: The options for 'content-disposition'.
form.headers: All of the HTTP headers returned as a dictionary.

A code snippet of form handling in python:
import cgi

form = cgi.FieldStorage()
if not (form.has_key("name") and form.has_key("age")):
print "<H1>Name & Age not Entered</H1>"
print "Fill the Name & Age accurately."
print "<p>name:", form["name"].value
print "<p>Age:", form["age"].value
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