How to overload constructors (or methods) in Python

Explain how to overload constructors (or methods) in Python.

_init__ () is a first method defined in a class. when an instance of a class is created, python calls __init__() to initialize the attribute of the object.
Following example demonstrate further:
class Employee:
def __init__(self, name, empCode,pay):

e1 = Employee("Sarah",99,30000.00)

e2 = Employee("Asrar",100,60000.00)
print("Employee Details:")

print(" Name:",,"Code:", e1.empCode,"Pay:",
print(" Name:",,"Code:", e2.empCode,"Pay:",

Employee Details:
(' Name:', 'Sarah', 'Code:', 99, 'Pay:', 30000.0)
(' Name:', 'Asrar', 'Code:', 100, 'Pay:', 60000.0)
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