What is a Lambda form?

What is a Lambda form? Explain about assert statement?

The lambda form:
- Using lambda keyword tiny anonymous functions can be created.
- It is a very powerful feature of Python which declares a one-line unknown small function on the fly. The lambda is used to create new function objects and then return them at runtime.
- The general format for lambda form is:
lambda parameter(s): expression using the parameter(s)
- For instance k is lambda function-
>>> k= lambda y: y + y
>>> k(30)
>>> k(40)
The assert statement:
- The build-in assert statement of python introduced in version 1.5 is used to assert that something is true.
- Programmers often place assertions at the beginning of a function to check for valid input, and after function call to check for valid output. - - Assert statement can be removed after testing of program is over.
- If assert evaluates to be false, an AssertionError exception is raised. AssertionError exceptions can be handled with the try-except statement.
- The general syntax for assert statement is:
assert Expression[, Arguments]
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