How do you make a higher order function in Python?

How do you make a higher order function in Python?

- A higher-order function accepts one or more functions as input and returns a new function. Sometimes it is required to use function as data.

- To make high order function , we need to import functools module.

- The functools.partial() function is used often for high order function.

- The functions act on or return the other functions.

- For the purpose for this module the callable object can be treated as a function.

This module defines the following functions:

- It transforms an old-style comparison function to a key function and uses the tools that accept key functions (such as sorted(), min(), max(), heapq.nlargest(), heapq.nsmallest(), itertools.groupby()).
- It is primarily used as a transition tool for programs being converted to Python 3 where comparison functions are no longer supported.

- A class defines one or more rich comparison ordering methods, where the class decorator supplies the rest.
- The effort involved is simplified by specifying all of the possible rich comparison operations:
The class must define one of __lt__(), __le__(), __gt__(), or __ge__() the class should supply an __eq__() method.

functools.reduce(function, iterable[, initializer])
- It is the same function as reduce()and is made available in this module to allow writing code more forward-compatible with Python 3.

functools.partial(func[,*args][, **keywords]):
- It returns a new partial object which when called behaves like func that is called with the positional arguments args and keyword arguments keywords.
- If more arguments are supplied to the call, then they are appended to args. If additional keyword arguments are supplied, they extend and override keywords.
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