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1) If in a race of 80m, A covers the distance in 20 seconds and B in 25 seconds, then A beats B by:

a) 20m
b) 16m
c) 11m
d) 10m

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ANSWER : 16m


The difference in the timing of A and B is 5 seconds. Hence, A beats B by 5 seconds.
The distance covered by B in 5 seconds = (80 * 5) / 25 = 16m
Hence, A beats B by 16m.

2) If X can run 48m and Y 42m, then in a race of 1km, X beats Y by:

a) 140m
b) 125m
c) 100m
d) 110m

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ANSWER : 125m


When X runs 48m, Y runs 42m.
Hence, when X runs 1000m, Y runs (1000 * 42) / 48 = 875m
X beats Y by 125m.

3) In a race of 800m, if the ratio of the speeds of two participants P and R is 3:4, and P has a start of 120m, then R beats P by:

a) 100m
b) 80m
c) 90m
d) 110m

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ANSWER : 80m


As P has a start of 120m, P has to cover 680m while R has to cover 800m.
Now, when P covers 3m, R covers 4m.
Hence, when R covers 800m, P covers (800 * 3) / 4 = 600m
Therefore, R beats P by 80m.

4) If in a race of 120m X can beat Y by 20m and Z by 35m, then Y can beat Z by:

a) 12m
b) 10m
c) 15m
d) 18m

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ANSWER : 18m


In a race of 120m, as X beats Y by 20m, when X runs 120m, Y runs 100m.
Similarly, as X beats Z by 35m, when X covers 120m, Z covers 85m.
Hence, when Y runs 100m, Z runs 85m.
When Y runs 120m, Z runs (120 * 85) / 100 = 102m
Hence, Y beats Z by 18m.

5) If in a game of 80, P can give 16 points to Q and R can give 20 points to P, then in a game of 150, how many points can R give to Q?

a) 48
b) 60
c) 54
d) 90

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When P scores 80, Q scores 64.
When R scores 80, P scores 60
Hence, when R scores 150, Q scores (60 * 64 * 150) / (80 * 80) = 90
Therefore, in a game of 150, R can give 60 points to Q.

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